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The New Zelda Salmon Flies

Zelda Salmon Flies

Kjartan Antonsson – or ‘KJ’ as he likes to be called – is the designer of our new Zelda Salmon flies that we’ve recently introduced into the range. Here’s been working alongside Peter Rippin for quite some time on the Icelandic rivers, both great anglers and clever salmon fly designers. Peter, one of the original founders of Fly Fishers Group, can fully vouch for the Zelda being an extremely productive salmon fly. Peter said to … Read More The New Zelda Salmon Flies

Spring Salmon and How to Catch Them

Spring Salmon

The spring salmon season is well under way, hardcore anglers are on the hunt and some specimen fish have already been caught. There is nothing quite like fly fishing for spring salmon. Sometimes it seems like a constant battle against the elements and often the elements win, but, the prize is great. The fish are pristine and powerful like no other and that’s what keeps the spring angler pumped and full of dogged anticipation. Tactics … Read More Spring Salmon and How to Catch Them

Become a friend and Support the Atlantic Salmon Trust

Atlantic Salmon Trust

Fulling Mill is proud to support the Atlantic Salmon Trust. To learn more about the Atlantic Salmon Trust please visit their website: http://www.atlanticsalmontrust.org/. More information can be found below. One of the most amazing – and moving – sights in nature is that of the mature Atlantic salmon leaping up waterfalls, weirs and fish passes on its way home to spawn. It’s a sight that can be guaranteed to fascinate onlookers, whether they fish or not. … Read More Become a friend and Support the Atlantic Salmon Trust

Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway

Atlantic Salmon Lisa Isles

Fly-fishing in Northern Norway has got to be one of the most incredible destinations I have travelled to, fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Grayling, all with 24-hours of daylight! I absolutely love the challenge of going to a new country, fishing a completely new river, and this trip was going to be no exception. Even more so… going after a species which I had only dabbled in a few years ago, this time it … Read More Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway

Top 5 Salmon Fishing Tactics

top 5 salmon fishing tactics

Summer in the Highlands is all about skating flies on the surface when the water is clear and low, on the other hand when the rain kicks in and rivers are peat stained and high its a totally different story. Fulling Mill have a vast array of perfect flies for all conditions and none are better than Laerdal Sunrays, Coneheads, plastic micro tubes and low water doubles, couple with these top 5 salmon fishing tactics. … Read More Top 5 Salmon Fishing Tactics