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Targeting Trout feeding on Killer Shrimp at Grafham Water

For those of you that have picked up a fly rod, or bought a fishing magazine in the last 30 years, you would certainly have heard of Reservoir expert and Fulling Mill Ambassador Rob Edmunds. Here he gives us an insight into fly fishing on Grafham water, its history and an acumen on targeting trout feeding on Killer Shrimp. Grafham’s History When Grafham Water opened in 1966 few could imagine the effect it would have … Read More Targeting Trout feeding on Killer Shrimp at Grafham Water

Early Season Reservoir Trout Fishing

Early Season Reservoir Trout Fishing

The new season is always an exciting time, we are filled with enthusiasm and expectations that this year we will be our year, we hope that more and bigger fish are just the next cast away… But early season reservoir trout fishing can be prone to changes. The problem is the reality rarely lives up to our expectations, we arrive at our chosen water; Ravensthorpe Reservoir in Northamptonshire with the aim of targeting resident overwintered … Read More Early Season Reservoir Trout Fishing

Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Catching large brown trout

Fulling Mill Ambassador Rob Edmunds, is largely renown for his ability to catch plentiful numbers of fish, but he is also a dab hand at targeting the larger more resident trout the Midlands reservoirs hold… Here he has put together a selection of Top Tips for catching large brown trout that are quite often elusive to many… The lure of large grown on fish, especially catching large brown trout at the peak of their physical … Read More Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Fabulous Farmoor

  For me the winter months are a time of reflection, thinking about the season that has passed, evaluating my successes and failures and trying to develop patterns and methods that will be even better for the following season. A number of times during the season I’ve wanted something just a little different, something large with a great deal of movement even at low speeds, and a pattern that creates disturbance and excites the fish. … Read More Fabulous Farmoor

Reservoir Predator Fishing

Summer can be a difficult time for reservoir anglers, the hot humid weather means that trout are often not feeding during the hottest part of the day, leaving many of us feeling disillusioned, often retreating to the bar for welcome refreshment. Over the last 10 years I have resisted this temptation and have turned my attention to fish that I could catch. Having grown up with a rod in my hand, fishing rivers and lakes … Read More Reservoir Predator Fishing

Get The Most Out Of Fry Feeders!

I’ve finally achieved a lifelong ambitions to catch a double figure “grown on” trout from all four of the Anglian Water reservoirs; it’s taken 25 years and hundreds of hours on the bank but the sense of achievement is second to none. I consider that most of my success comes down to planning and responding quickly when fry feeding happens and capitalising on these opportunities when they present themselves. Nothing stirs up my adrenaline more … Read More Get The Most Out Of Fry Feeders!