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5 Top Tips on Summer Time Reservoir Fishing

Summer Time Reservoir Fishing

Summer time reservoir fishing can be seriously hit and miss. High daytime temperatures can completely put the fish off feeding, and almost any method could draw a blank. But there are a number of fly fishing tactics you can try to tempt a take. Recently, Kieron Jenkins spent the day at Farmoor Reservoir putting these top tips to the test… Fish early or late in the day, if you can… Not all of us can, but … Read More 5 Top Tips on Summer Time Reservoir Fishing

The Unsinkable Dry Fly

About the Unsinkable Dry Fly: All patterns and styles evolve, the unsinkable dry fly is an example of natural progression. Over the last five years many anglers have experienced the virtues of the popper hopper and how the disturbance it causes in the form of a “pop” when stripped sharply can literally pull fish to the cast – when imitating large terrestrials such as daddies or hawthorn flies then the popper hopper has few equals. However it … Read More The Unsinkable Dry Fly