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Catching Bonefish and Big Tarpon – Los Roques

Los Roques

Our Los Roques trip was a long time in the planning, getting close to a year. One way and another, around 12 people were invited – pretty much all committing at some stage or another but then dropping out for various reasons. We can probably blame Brexit – everyone else does. Anyway, finally, an intrepid group of four of us paid our money and got set to go. Two of us with a fair bit … Read More Catching Bonefish and Big Tarpon – Los Roques

The Snake Fly Generation?

Snake Fly

Every generation seems to produce a classic pattern that devastates fish stocks from small still waters to reservoirs, In the 1980’s it was the Booby, the 1990’s The Humungous, 2000’s The Blob etc… I’ve seen the future and boldly make a prediction that “The Snake Fly” will be the next modern classic. I will go so far and say that every angler should own at least 6 snake patterns (2 x booby versions and 2 … Read More The Snake Fly Generation?

Serious Sea Trout Flies from Steffan Jones – New for 2017

Sea Trout Flies

I was extremely honoured to be approached by Fulling Mill to enhance and add to what is already an excellent portfolio of sea trout flies. I did so with pleasure, but stressed one caveat; there were no shortcuts when it came to quality control. I have seen too many sea trout flies dressed poorly; if patterns I introduced to Fulling Mill were to be copied and get my stamp of approval then they were to … Read More Serious Sea Trout Flies from Steffan Jones – New for 2017

The History of Fulling Mill and the Kenyan Fly Tying Industry

Fulling Mill Factory

As you stand by the water’s edge carefully knotting your Royal Wulff to the end of your line I suspect you will ponder only briefly the provenance of your fly. Your mind will be on matters closer to hand: tying the knot tight and true, the best spot for your next cast, or even, dare I say it, will I ever catch anything at all? Only fleetingly might you admire the tiny, perfectly formed work … Read More The History of Fulling Mill and the Kenyan Fly Tying Industry

Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Czech nymphing

Winter fly-fishing for Grayling can prove to be extremely challenging, but using the correct methods and styles can increase your chances no end, here we look into Czech Nymphing. Some days you’ll seem to just be in the right place at the right time and others, it will seem like the river is void of fish… I always find once that cold weather really starts to kick in, the Grayling shoal up even more and … Read More Czech Nymphing for Grayling