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Teaching an old dog, new tricks…

Charles Jardine Trout Fishing

I have been utterly, comprehensively and unequivocally… corrupted. To be fair, I was easy prey. If you fish around young people enough, sooner or later, some of their natural exuberance and total lack of fear or prejudice, will, I assure you, rub off. So, with the season “waxing” into the start of the peaks of imitative fly fishing is there any reason to actually embrace the world of colour, prejudice, attraction and fly fishing perceived … Read More Teaching an old dog, new tricks…

Top 7 Buzzer Patterns to try for Trout this April

Top 7 Buzzer Patterns

When it comes to catching trout in reservoirs throughout April, buzzers will almost certainly be part of their diet. Us anglers will need to replicate these as closely as possible in terms of movement, shape, and colour. Here are Kieron’s Top 7 Buzzer Patterns to try this April. For us reservoir anglers April is the month when things start to change, the temperatures rise and insect life increases. Buzzers are usually the first to appear, … Read More Top 7 Buzzer Patterns to try for Trout this April

Buzzer Fishing on Lough Corrib – George Barron

Lough Corrib

My first wild brown trout trip of the year usually sees me crossing the Irish Sea, late March or early April, in pursuit of the great trout in Lough Corrib – “It’s Duckfly time“. Albeit it is still early season, the wild brown trout in Lough Corrib are already in prime condition, partly because of the abundance of natural food in the Lough and also because the trout population have evolved in such a way … Read More Buzzer Fishing on Lough Corrib – George Barron

Buzzer Fishing Tactics

Fulling Mill Buzzer Fishing Tactics

Fishing buzzers can product some of the best sport of the season. Simply holding on to a team of flies when the fish often ‘rocket’ off with your line is extremely exciting, and to be consistent on any water you really only have to follow a few basic steps. The principle and patterns nearly always stay the same when buzzer fishing, but for those of you who are interested, here are my favoured tactics. The best … Read More Buzzer Fishing Tactics