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Fulling Mill Lotions and Potions Product Review

Fulling Mill Lotions and Poitions

It’s early spring and the trout are now starting to look up, this time of year can see some of the best surface sport of the season and we need to be prepared. The business end of the dry fly set up needs just as much attention, this is why Fulling Mill have developed a number of products in their Lotions and Potions range. First up from the Lotions and Potions range is the Fulling … Read More Fulling Mill Lotions and Potions Product Review

How to securely attach the Wiggle Tail Links

how to tie wiggle tail links

One of the most frequent questions we get here at Fulling Mill is ‘How do I attach the Wiggle Tail links securely‘ – So we’ve put together this quick video on how to attach the links correctly. (Don’t forget to toggle the quality to 1080p in the video settings) Why should you use Pacchiarini Wiggle Tails on predator and large trout flies? Wiggle Tails from Paolo Pacchiarini will give your flies an irresistible movement in … Read More How to securely attach the Wiggle Tail Links

Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

The Background: Back in 2014 the website Troutster.Com completed a thorough appraisal of the, then, leading fly floatants and desiccants. It found that the powder fly floatants were far better when it came to keeping your fly on top of the water and that of those, the Shimazaki was the best. The gels fared less well, but they sited that for the ease of application on the water, they too had a valid place in every … Read More Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

Fish Skull Chocklett’s Body Tubing

Fish Skull Chocklett's Body Tubing

When I first saw this stuff a year or so ago on YouTube being used to tie Musky flies such as Blane Chocklett’s “T-Bone”, my first impression was that it’s just another type of Mylar tubing re-bagged and cleverly marketed as the next best thing, but little did I know Fish Skull Chocklett’s Body Tubing was something special… I must admit to kind of ignoring it but it kept cropping up in social media from guys … Read More Fish Skull Chocklett’s Body Tubing

Tiemco Fly Pit Review

Tiemco Fly Pit

The Tiemco fly pit is a great alternative to a conventional style fly box. Constructed with ventilation holes, the fly pit is predominantly designed to store wet fishing flies – allowing them to dry off quickly before returning them to your main box. Tiemco Fly Pit Designed by some of Japan’s top fly fishermen, the Tiemco Fly Pit features many traits of the conventional fly box but in a pocket sized package, measuring 11.0 x 6.5 … Read More Tiemco Fly Pit Review

Fulling Mill Dry Sauce Review

Fulling Mill Dry Sauce Review

It’s been an exciting few months here at Fulling Mill, we’ve seen the introduction of many top fly patterns and a small range of fly fishing accessories. The arrival of the Fulling Mill Dry Sauce has been long awaited by the dry fly enthusiasts here at FM, and we just had to get out and try it.   Fulling Mill Dry Sauce The Fulling Mill Dry Sauce is our premium fly floatant that cleans, dries and waterproofs your … Read More Fulling Mill Dry Sauce Review