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How to best dress wet flies – George Barron

George Barron Fly Tying Blog

The trout season has gone, blown to a spectacular closure by hurricane Ophelia – it’s early December and most major still waters are now closed. November sees plenty of quality rainbow trout hitting fry; fry bashing on reservoirs offer an exciting end to the season for the fisherman chasing a specimen. But for the traditional fly fisherman, it’s time to reflect and think about spending a few hours at the vice preparing for next season. … Read More How to best dress wet flies – George Barron

The Evolution of new Still Water fly patterns – Rob Edmunds

New stillwater fly patterns

There is very little truly revolutionary in Still Water Fly Fishing yet every generation seems to provide at least one new idea or at the very least a distinct improvement on a current thinking. To me, this is not a case of stealing someone’s original idea but refining and developing it for a specific purpose. If things didn’t progress and we didn’t accept change then we would all still be using landlines rather than mobile … Read More The Evolution of new Still Water fly patterns – Rob Edmunds

Fulling Mill UV Resin for Fly Tying

Uv Resin for Fly Tying

When it comes to UV resin for fly tying, there are three things most fly tiers look for; durability, the speed of setting and tackiness, and we believe that the Fulling Mill UV Glass Resin is the best out there. Whether you tie trout flies or predator flies, more than likely you have used a UV resin of some sort to finish your fly patterns, but most UV resins for fly tying come with the … Read More Fulling Mill UV Resin for Fly Tying

The Snake Fly Generation?

Snake Fly

Every generation seems to produce a classic pattern that devastates fish stocks from small still waters to reservoirs, In the 1980’s it was the Booby, the 1990’s The Humungous, 2000’s The Blob etc… I’ve seen the future and boldly make a prediction that “The Snake Fly” will be the next modern classic. I will go so far and say that every angler should own at least 6 snake patterns (2 x booby versions and 2 … Read More The Snake Fly Generation?

FM Competition Heavyweight Barbless Hooks Review

When it comes to a new range of hook like the Competition Heavyweight Barbless Hooks – I am fortunate to be in a position where I can take them on board and give feedback where neccessary. Of late, I have been reviewing these new hooks from Fulling Mill, and boy are they good… I have used many of the other Fulling Mill barbless hooks with great success, particularly the heavyweight champ hooks for lures and … Read More FM Competition Heavyweight Barbless Hooks Review

Using Highly Visible Dry Flies

In recent years I have been experimenting with increasing the visibility of my dry flies, whilst I am still fortunate to have good eye-sight, there are certain light and water conditions where it is difficult to see dry flies on the surface. Using highly visible dry flies is the answer. The best way to do this is to include a ‘sighter’ in the form of a bright post. Conditions where this can help the angler … Read More Using Highly Visible Dry Flies