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Unconventional methods for Summer Salmon

Summer Salmon

Summer Salmon fishing can be a funny old sport at times, can’t it? I mean, you spend all week or sometimes a year preparing for your trip and if the salmon don’t want to play then even the best anglers will struggle. The same can be said for a recent trip to fish the majestic Aberdeenshire River Dee in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. The pools were alive with fresh run grilse and … Read More Unconventional methods for Summer Salmon

Getting Lucky on the Laxa – Salmon Fishing in Iceland

Salmon Fishing in Iceland

8 rods, 3 days, 62 Salmon, 7 Sea Trout & one very unlucky Duck! Salmon Fishing in Iceland. July 17th – 23rd 2017 Having had little luck when it comes to catching Salmon, it was time to seek more favourable odds, save up and look further afield for the elusive aquatic canary that is the Wild Atlantic Salmon. The obvious choice was Iceland, a country increasingly becoming the mecca for those seeking success at the lower … Read More Getting Lucky on the Laxa – Salmon Fishing in Iceland

Top 10 Barbless River flies for this Summer

Barbless River Flies

Once the Mayfly extravaganza is over, it does seem that some days the fishing is ‘hard’ on the rivers, here are my go to barbless river flies for summer fishing.  You will hear that the brown trout or grayling stop feeding, but this is something of a myth. Like us, fish have to feed, the difference is that they become selective, picky and suspicious. For a while, this can be frustrating but you have to … Read More Top 10 Barbless River flies for this Summer

The Special Trout of Rutland Water

Rutland Water

Rob Waddington tends to talk extremely highly of Rutland water, the quality of the trout fishing and the fish themselves gets him all worked up – and we can see why! Read his blog and thoughts about Rutland Water. Rutland Water is a vast natural-looking reservoir which we fly fishers refer to as a lake. Since 1976 when it first opened, Rutland has matured to a beautiful leisure resource with world-class birdwatching, Sailing, cycling and … Read More The Special Trout of Rutland Water

The Snake Fly Generation?

Snake Fly

Every generation seems to produce a classic pattern that devastates fish stocks from small still waters to reservoirs, In the 1980’s it was the Booby, the 1990’s The Humungous, 2000’s The Blob etc… I’ve seen the future and boldly make a prediction that “The Snake Fly” will be the next modern classic. I will go so far and say that every angler should own at least 6 snake patterns (2 x booby versions and 2 … Read More The Snake Fly Generation?

Fly Fishing for European Sea Bass in Northern Brittany

Fly fishing for Sea Bass

Estuaries, where briny and fresh waters meet, are among the richest ecosystems found along the coastline this side of the English Channel. In northern Brittany, many estuaries, rias and tideways cut inland where sea bass roam in numbers from spring well into autumn. From the end of the ebb and into the rising tide, those fish are on the prowl, hunting down bait and offer great sport to the discerning fly angler. From my flat … Read More Fly Fishing for European Sea Bass in Northern Brittany