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The Cream of the Salmon Season is almost upon us

Salmon Season Flies

The cream of the salmon season is almost upon us, many may feel the season is just out of the blocks but the short days of January openings are long gone. In May/June many UK rivers will be hosting their biggest runs of MSW salmon, and yes, many of these power packed missiles will indeed be big! Run trends are evolving and shifting as we speak. Late spring/early summer is the new summer/autumn as grilse … Read More The Cream of the Salmon Season is almost upon us

Spring Salmon and How to Catch Them

Spring Salmon

The spring salmon season is well under way, hardcore anglers are on the hunt and some specimen fish have already been caught. There is nothing quite like fly fishing for spring salmon. Sometimes it seems like a constant battle against the elements and often the elements win, but, the prize is great. The fish are pristine and powerful like no other and that’s what keeps the spring angler pumped and full of dogged anticipation. Tactics … Read More Spring Salmon and How to Catch Them

Top 5 Salmon Fishing Tactics

top 5 salmon fishing tactics

Summer in the Highlands is all about skating flies on the surface when the water is clear and low, on the other hand when the rain kicks in and rivers are peat stained and high its a totally different story. Fulling Mill have a vast array of perfect flies for all conditions and none are better than Laerdal Sunrays, Coneheads, plastic micro tubes and low water doubles, couple with these top 5 salmon fishing tactics. … Read More Top 5 Salmon Fishing Tactics