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Top Tips on Catching Large Tiger Trout!

Tiger Trout

I don’t fish small still waters regularly, however, when I do; I like it to be for a particular purpose, targeting a large brown, or in this case attempting to catch a big Tiger Trout. A Tiger Trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of the brown trout (Salmo trutta) and the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). It is an anomaly in the wild, The cross itself is unusual in that the parents are members of different genera. There are very few waters that … Read More Top Tips on Catching Large Tiger Trout!

Developing new fly patterns – The thought process and testing…

Developing new fly patterns

Fish become accustomed to the same lures, and there is no doubt that all patterns lose their effectiveness especially if everyone is using exactly the same fly. You need something to set your fly patterns apart, to induce the fish to take. This is one of the reasons why as a Fulling Mill Ambassador, I’m constantly developing new fly patterns in order to provide anglers with the best flies to catch that memorable fish. 12 … Read More Developing new fly patterns – The thought process and testing…

Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Catching large brown trout

Fulling Mill Ambassador Rob Edmunds, is largely renown for his ability to catch plentiful numbers of fish, but he is also a dab hand at targeting the larger more resident trout the Midlands reservoirs hold… Here he has put together a selection of Top Tips for catching large brown trout that are quite often elusive to many… The lure of large grown on fish, especially catching large brown trout at the peak of their physical … Read More Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Light fishing tackle on Reservoirs

light fishing tackle

Over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve witnessed changes on the reservoir and match scene, most competitions are now won on top of the water methods, dries, washing line etc as a result I have had to re-evaluate my own tackle and methods in order to remain competitive – a stiff #8 weight rod just isn’t sensitive enough to fish size 14 dries – hooks bend out, leaders snap and you find yourself pulling … Read More Light fishing tackle on Reservoirs

Buzzer Fishing Tactics

Fulling Mill Buzzer Fishing Tactics

Fishing buzzers can product some of the best sport of the season. Simply holding on to a team of flies when the fish often ‘rocket’ off with your line is extremely exciting, and to be consistent on any water you really only have to follow a few basic steps. The principle and patterns nearly always stay the same when buzzer fishing, but for those of you who are interested, here are my favoured tactics. The best … Read More Buzzer Fishing Tactics

The Unsinkable Dry Fly

About the Unsinkable Dry Fly: All patterns and styles evolve, the unsinkable dry fly is an example of natural progression. Over the last five years many anglers have experienced the virtues of the popper hopper and how the disturbance it causes in the form of a “pop” when stripped sharply can literally pull fish to the cast – when imitating large terrestrials such as daddies or hawthorn flies then the popper hopper has few equals. However it … Read More The Unsinkable Dry Fly