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6 Tips on Preparing for Fly Fishing Trips Abroad

fly fishing trips abroad

Autumn is the time many anglers here in the United Kingdom pack their bags and head off to destinations abroad in the search of fine weather and good fishing. Here are a few of my tips on preparing for fly fishing trips abroad. When I come to getting prepared for fly fishing trips abroad, there is no better feeling than being organised. It takes all the stress and worries from the ‘what if’ and ‘have I’ … Read More 6 Tips on Preparing for Fly Fishing Trips Abroad

Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Czech nymphing

Winter fly-fishing for Grayling can prove to be extremely challenging, but using the correct methods and styles can increase your chances no end, here we look into Czech Nymphing. Some days you’ll seem to just be in the right place at the right time and others, it will seem like the river is void of fish… I always find once that cold weather really starts to kick in, the Grayling shoal up even more and … Read More Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Fishing Dry Flies for Grayling on the River San

Grayling Dry Flies

October has to be one of my favourite times to fly-fish for Grayling, it just so happens that it’s also one of the best months of the year to fly-fish for them on the River San in Poland. The first time I fished the mighty River San was around 5 years ago now, over the years the San has taught me things that no local river has.. or even could in many ways. Catching Grayling on … Read More Fishing Dry Flies for Grayling on the River San

Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway

Atlantic Salmon Lisa Isles

Fly-fishing in Northern Norway has got to be one of the most incredible destinations I have travelled to, fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Grayling, all with 24-hours of daylight! I absolutely love the challenge of going to a new country, fishing a completely new river, and this trip was going to be no exception. Even more so… going after a species which I had only dabbled in a few years ago, this time it … Read More Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway