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5 River Fly Fishing Tips For Low Water Conditions

Fly Fishing Tips

Although us anglers always curse when it rains heavily, we do need precipitation to maintain the flow of our rivers. Without water, fishing becomes increasingly hard on freestone rivers, particularly if the sun is also shining! Here are Ceri Thomas’s river fly fishing tips for low water conditions. At the time of writing, we are stricken by the driest April for many a year, the rivers are gin clear and rock hard. With that said, … Read More 5 River Fly Fishing Tips For Low Water Conditions

Spinner Fall Fishing Tips

spinner fall fishing tips

Airflo and Fishtec‘s Online Marketing Manager, Ceri Thomas looks at how to make the most of the blue winged olive spinner fall, an important summer time hatch. Follow his spinner fall fishing tips and tactics for success on the river bank! Mid and late summer mark some of the best late evening fishing of the year, when after hatching blue winged olive’s (and other uprights)  return to the water and lay their eggs. Spent and … Read More Spinner Fall Fishing Tips

Streamer fishing tactics for UK River Trout

Streamer fishing tactics

South Wales based angler Ceri Thomas looks at unconventional tactics for UK rivers, and discusses how he employs streamer fishing tactics on flowing water for wild trout. The idea of tossing a streamer or lure on a UK river is a bit repellent to our cultured history of upstream dry fly fishing, manicured chalk stream banks and so on. The truth of it is trout are opportunists and will eat literally anything that provides protein, not … Read More Streamer fishing tactics for UK River Trout

Guide’s Choice Pike Fly Selection – Review

I have been throwing a pike fly for more than a decade now, and have always found it difficult to find well tied commercial flies that are man enough for pike fishing. As such, I usually have to tie up my own patterns, but time and family commitments mean I am now getting less and less free time at the vice. Recently I came across the Fulling Mill guides’ choice boxed pike fly selection whist browsing online, and they … Read More Guide’s Choice Pike Fly Selection – Review