Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Catching large brown trout

Fulling Mill Ambassador Rob Edmunds, is largely renown for his ability to catch plentiful numbers of fish, but he is also a dab hand at targeting the larger more resident trout the Midlands reservoirs hold… Here he has put together a selection of Top Tips for catching large brown trout that are quite often elusive to many… The lure of large grown on fish, especially catching large brown trout at the peak of their physical … Read More Catching large brown trout – Top Tips from Rob Edmunds

Fly Fishing for Specimen Perch at Chew Valley Lake

Fly Fishing for Perch

Bristol Water fishery ranger, Jake Belgium talks us through the in’s and out’s of fly fishing for perch at Chew Valley Reservoir. Jake has caught many perch over the magical 4lb mark on the fly, a brilliant achievement indeed!  As the fly fishing season on Chew Valley progresses into its final few months the one species that I love catching the most start to show up in huge numbers. That is the perch. These wonderful … Read More Fly Fishing for Specimen Perch at Chew Valley Lake

Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway

Atlantic Salmon Lisa Isles

Fly-fishing in Northern Norway has got to be one of the most incredible destinations I have travelled to, fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Grayling, all with 24-hours of daylight! I absolutely love the challenge of going to a new country, fishing a completely new river, and this trip was going to be no exception. Even more so… going after a species which I had only dabbled in a few years ago, this time it … Read More Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway

Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

The Background: Back in 2014 the website Troutster.Com completed a thorough appraisal of the, then, leading fly floatants and desiccants. It found that the powder fly floatants were far better when it came to keeping your fly on top of the water and that of those, the Shimazaki was the best. The gels fared less well, but they sited that for the ease of application on the water, they too had a valid place in every … Read More Fulling Mill Fly Floatant Test

Fishing the French Leader

Fulling Mill French Leader

When you’re out on the river fishing for either trout in the height of summer or grayling through winter, almost everyone you bump into these days is fishing a French Leader – A devastatingly effective method that has been favoured by many top competition anglers for quite a number of years. It was first developed and mastered by the French and Belgian anglers where then both countries generally dominated competition fly fishing. As the other … Read More Fishing the French Leader

Terrestrials – The Last Fling


Whilst spring might be recognised as the prime flight time for Blacks Gnats, with several species occurring in this Bibio family, chances are they’ll always be an odd one about during the season.  One terrestrial species in particular makes a resurgence come late August and September.  As to the exact species and or whether there are actually fever flies (a close relation) matters little. Far more important is these late season falls tend to be … Read More Terrestrials – The Last Fling